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Interested in becoming a TA?

For Chemistry Merit please contact Elise McCarren.

Elise McCarren Photo

For Math Merit please contact Jennifer McNeilly.

Jennifer McNeilly

For Integrative Biology Merit please contact Lily Arias.

(photo available soon)

For MCB Merit please contact Alejandra Stenger.

(photo available soon)

For ECE Merit please contact David Varodayan.

(photo available soon)



              Also, be sure to ask about the Merit Mentoring Program

Merit Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Participation in mandatory Mentor Training.
  • Weekly observation of mentee for the first four weeks of the semester (to be split between Mentor and Merit Director).
  • Observation of mentee once every three weeks thereafter, or as deemed necessary by the Mentor and Merit Director.
  • Participation in at least two meetings with Merit Director to discuss mentee progress.
  • Participation in two Performance Reviews with mentee and Merit Director to discuss progress

Merit Mentee Responsibilities:

  • Participation in mandatory New Merit Instructor and Mentee Training.
  • Weekly observation by either Mentor or Merit Director for the first four weeks of the semester.
  • Observation once every three weeks thereafter by Mentor, or possibly more as deemed necessary by Mentor and Merit Director.
  • Observations will last approximately one hour each time.
  • Brief discussion (10 minutes) with Mentor at some time after each observation to discuss observations, answer any questions, and set goals for subsequent class periods.
  • Participation in two Performance Reviews with Mentor and Merit Director to discuss progress.

The primary goal of any Merit instructor is:

  • To provide a quality education to their students
  • To better educate those students
  • To make that education meaningful and relevant

The Merit mentor will provide to the mentee:

  • The wisdom gained from their experience
  • Suggestions that have previous success
  • Constructive criticism in order to support growth as an instructor

Here is what some of our Mentees said when asked if the service provided by their mentor was useful:

“Yes. This was my first time teaching. So naturally I was a little nervous. Kelli reassured me, helped me with my weak points and was a source of confidence.”

“Yes. I do think it was useful. The beginning of the semester was a scary and stressful time and having Kelli there to help me be more confident in teaching was nice.”

“Yes! I would have been lost at the beginning without a mentor. Throughout the semester she consistently gave me good advice too.”

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