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MIST Summer Teacher Workshops (no longer available at this time)
Past Workshops were funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the STEP 1A grant.

2008 Summer Merit Teacher Workshop 2008 Summer Merit Teacher Workshop

Our Summer Workshops were designed to introduce high school and community college teachers to the structure and teaching strategies used in the Merit Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The main goal was to help teachers feel confident in implementing this new method in their own classrooms. In addition, we aimed to introduce teachers to other teachers in their subject area to create a community of support where teachers could feel comfortable discussing Merit teaching methods, problems and successes. A description of the Merit Program along with evidence of its success was given, however, the majority of the workshop time was devoted to experiencing the Merit teaching style and giving teachers the opportunity to develop materials they could take back to their own institutions.

After a Summer Workshop experience, we continued to supply materials and support to the teachers as they developed and experimented with their own Merit Programs. We had follow-up meetings with the purpose of bringing the teachers back for additional support after they had time to experiment with the Merit-style in their own classrooms. These meetings were indispensable as they allowed us to reconnect with the teachers to discuss any concerns or obstacles they were experiencing, answer questions and provide the teachers with an opportunity to share their own personal experiences with the Merit-Style in their classrooms.


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